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The student community at Wisewoods is divided into subunits called "Houses" and each student is allocated to one house. Houses compete with one another at sports and extra-curricular events to build an environment of healthy competition. Leadership positions like Captains and Prefects are offered to students. This helps develop communication and leadership skills in students. There are also specialized classes and curriculum to help student develop fluency in English and also prepare for these activities.

The Reading Twins Fountain.

The Garden of Circles

The Garden of Curves

Honkong Orchids Plantation (Bahunia Blakena)

Casia Plantation (Casia Fistula)

Organic vegetable garden

The New Paths Garden (entry to the hostels)

Spathodia plantation that doubles as our leafy vegetable garden.

The main road in the campus lined with foxtail palms and bougainvillea plants.

Poolside garden

The Walden Pond

Bridge-side gardens.