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Boarding life at Wisewoods, provides a secure and supportive environment for students. Comfortable accommodation and vibrant environment in the hostels gives the students a sense of homeliness and a feeling of belonging.

1 lakh square feet fully air-conditioned residences spread over 4 individual blocks. The four blocks are tied together with a stunning beautiful walkway built around a large lawn that is used as a common play area.

Each block consists of 24 dorm rooms and each individual dorm room is spacious and
well-ventilated with ample natural air and light. The blocks are all centrally air-conditioned.

Dining facilities designed with granite and marble tables and spread over two air-conditioned halls with seating capacity of 1200.

Hostels have dedicated medical and nursing staff on duty and a physician visits the campus every single day. Regular medical check-ips and individual medical reports are maintained. In case of emergencies, immediate transfer to a specialised hospital nearby is also provided.

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