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Welcome to Wisewoods


We are a school which specializes in boarding education for boys and girls from age 10 onwards. Established as an extension of the 50-year old Viswabharati School, it is imbibed with the wisdom and values learnt over five decades of working with parents, teachers and students. Located in the picturesque village of Vanapamula, 30 kilometers from Vijayawada, the 25-acre campus combines eco-resort ambience with state-of-the-art learning and living infrastructure. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).


The school will evolve a mechanism to sensitize every student about gender equality. Apart from this the school will strive to make every student a leader and imbibe in them values like patriotism, empathy and tolerance.

"Empower your child’s dreams with the right education."

Viswabharathi Wisewoods aims to provide a world class education, on the basis of secularism, liberalism, development of self-discipline and moral character and to become an elite centre for excellence in school education.

"Unleashing the creative potential of the child, while preparing the child to face the challenges in life."


Any approach to education must ask itself, what is the goal of education?

To be among the very best in providing quality education is the most challenging goal we can set for ourselves. Our vision reflects our service to the society and we pursue our vision in the belief that all those with an interest in the school should expect no lesser ambition. The school along with its staff and management is completely dedicated to give the society its future citizens. We strive for excellence, integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity, A strong collaborative approach, open and effective communication and an inclusive culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect. We seek to engage students in the teaching/learning process that encourages personal and collective responsibility.