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Honorable dignitaries on the dais, parents, well-wishers and students.

It gives me immense pleasure to present the Annual Report for the Academic Year 2018-19. Wisewoods was established by Viswabharati Educational Society in 2016, which aims to become an elite center for excellence in school education. The vision and mission of Viswabharathi Wisewoods is to provide a happy childhood for the Students and to give a conducive environment for learning. Though the students come from different home fronts and culture, they are groomed here to become global citizens, acquiring the 21st century skills, in Academics, Co-academics and Extra Curricular activities.

Academics :

Our curriculum and instructional methods are aimed at giving holistic education to take up the challenges in the dynamic global society.

Students have different learning styles, to cater to the heterogeneous group, the faculty had drawn micro level lesson plans to drive in the concepts. Keeping in view the multiple intelligence theory, concepts were driven in, using the lecture method for linguistic and logical learners, e-boards for spatial learners, hands on experience for kinesthetic learners Group projects for inter and intra personal learners. This came in handy to articulate all Students towards academic focus.

The class-rooms were made vibrant, with experiential learning. Every week atleast 2 periods were given as study hours for the students so that they can get thorough with the learning of that particular week. Teachers had put in their effort to design, role plays, group discussion, brain storming sessions, quiz, pair and share and many more, to re-cap the concepts learnt and to apply them in real life situations. This was very useful for the Students to answer questions which needed high order thinking skills.

Examination according to the CBSE norms were conducted and targets were given to each Student, to improve on their own performance. Care was taken by the Teacher to improve the best performers as well as the good performer. I can say, that we have observed improvement in about 80 to 90% of the Students in their academic track records.

To complement the teaching in the classrooms, Students were taken to the labs to learn practically.

During the concept delivery by the teacher, Students were made to draw the concept map and were asked to take running notes to improve their writing skills. Very often energizer activities were taken up in the classes to improve their, attention span.

Co-Academics :

Students have devoted 30% of the School time to Co-Academics. The time table of the day was scheduled in such a way that every day students attend apart from the serious academic classes, Foundation period and a co-academic class, such as, Music, Dance, Library, Art & Craft, Clay modeling was given, to break the monotony.

Guest Lectures were arranged, which is benefited to the Students. This informal learning made them imbibe good knowledge. I thank the guests who made it possible. Special attention was paid to Soft Skills.

Extra-Curricular Activities :

School has divided the students into 4 (Four) Houses “Carson, Raman, Curie, and Tesla” and to have the competitive spirit every Monday last period we are conducting Inter House Competitions indoor activities like Add making, Spell Bee, Mime etc., and outdoor group games like Cricket, Basketball, etc. to develop the students and the activities and the team spirit.

I would like to say the famous well known proverb – “A Sound mind is in a sound body” by keeping this in view and we are aiming at holistic education to the students.

Due importance was given for Sports and Games. Each day it was a compulsion for every Student to spend 1 Hour on the playground. Apart from learning games like Basketball, Volleyball, Throw Ball, Swimming, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis so on, Physical Educators were keen on the physical fitness of the each and every Student.

Functions and Celebrations :

Special Assembly was conducted on all important days, like World Environment Day, World Population Day and so on. All the religious festivals were celebrated to make the Students understand and practice secularism. All National Festivals celebrated brought in the spirit of patriotism.

Parent Teacher Meeting :

A Feedback mechanism is very much essential for every institution, Parent Teacher Meetings were conducted at regular intervals to get Feedback and to bridge the gap between, the Parent and the School.

Achievements :

  • Kudos! To Master. Kammala Hitesh Royal of Grade 6th Lakshya, who was Championship in 7th Level Abacus Competition which was conducted by e-Mind academy in Kerala.
  • Eight of Wisewoodians got gold medals in the Byju’s Learning app and Times of India Mathematics and Science exam competition 2018-19. In second level Mr. C.Dheeraj Sri Ram of Grade 6 and Mr. M Sunil of Grade 9 they are eligible for 3rd Level exam which will be conducted in Mumbai.
  • Our Students from Grade 6 to 9 had taken the National Mathematics Online Test Conducted by Clash of PI with partnership of The Hindu Newspaper, P Lakshmi Sai Lohith Reddy (Grade 9 All INDIA Rank 16), M Venkata Sai Mukesh (Grade 9 All INDIA Rank 68) and Yamalapalli Snehith (Grade 9 All INDIA Rank 84) overall 4.5 lakhs students from 870 schools participated in this competition national wide. From remaining grade we got Power Performer’s and Raising stars.
  • Master K Sai Bhaswanth Chowdary of Grade 9 who won 2nd Prize in 200 meters running and 3rd Prize in Lawn Tennis event organized by L V R Club, Guntur.
  • Master D.Nithish Varma of Grade 9 who won 2nd Prize in 30th Inter-District Roller Skating Championship in Junior Level held in Vishakhapatnam.
  • Master K Shubh Grade 9 who won Championship in Inter State Chess Championship under 14 years category at Machilipatnam. 8 of our school students got Gold medals and bags in District Level Chess Competition at NTR Stadium, Gudivada.

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff :

Team WIS works to give the best to the students, I thank all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members for their contribution through the year.

I extend my gratitude to Mr. P.Srimannarayana Sir, Our Chairman and Mr. R.Praneeth Sir & R.Manjula Madam our Managing Directors for their continuous support and co-operation.

To quote Swami Vivekananda ‘Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached’, we will strive to improve without complacency year after year for qualitative growth of every individual with WIS and the Nation with zeal and enthusiasm.

At last but not the least we are following in Wisewoods the four C’s pattern as “Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity” and in future we will improve.

Thank you

Sanjay Bhatia