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School Block


The School block, built around a garden quad is an ultra-modern structure designed to resemble an international university more than a school.

1 lakh square feet fully air-conditioned academic block. 14 feet high ceilings, 20 feet wide corridors and 4 large comfortable staircases make walking around a pleasant experience.

A beautiful double-height lobby under a 50 feet wide pyramid, waiting rooms and office spaces built to international standards.

Each classroom is spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural air and light. Ergonomically designed furniture also makes spending time in the classroom everyday a very pleasant experience.

A computer lab with 50 modern and powerful intel-powered computer systems.

Modern laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology. Each lab is spread over 1000 square feet and doubles as a demonstration hall for faculty conducted experiments.

Performance and creative arts centre with acoustically designed music and dance room.

Dedicated examination hall spread over 5000 square feet.

Beautifully designed Library with a wooded librarian space and build in reading facilities. Library is equipped with over 2000 books ranging from high-end Encyclopaedias to graphic novels.

Fully air-conditioned auditorium and amphitheatre to showcase productions.

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